Peterborough graduations

Your graduation day is a day of celebration. We have advised times below for you to plan your day, location details can be found further down the page.

Itinerary for the 11am ceremony

8.30am - 10am: Check in - collect seat card/guest tickets – The Bull
8.30am - 10am: Collect pre-ordered robe package – The Bull
8.30am - 10am: Professional photography – The Bull
10am: Cathedral doors open
10.30am: Be seated
10.55am: Cathedral doors will close
11am: Ceremony starts (runs for approx. 1 hour)
12pm - 1pm: Faculty post-ceremony reception - South Transept in the Cathedral (including merchandise stands)
By 3pm: Return your gowns – The Bull

The Peterborough on the day check list and map will be available to download shortly.

When you arrive

Please make your way to the The Bull on arrival. You will first need to check-in and collect your seating card and any guest tickets purchased. You will then be directed to collect your pre-ordered gown and then meet back up with your guests to have professional photographs.

You will then be need to make your way to Peterborough Cathedral to take your seats in preparation for the start of the ceremony (see timings above). Please see walking map below for directs from The Bull Conference centre to Peterborough Cathedral.

View a larger map


The ceremony

Guests and students will be seated separately, and on arrival at the Peterborough Cathedral you will be directed to different entrance doors. It is important you keep hold of your seating card, and that your guests have their tickets.

Once you enter the student entrance, you will directed to your seat by an usher. The seat is allocated to you and is indicated on your seating card. You will be seated in the order you will be called across the stage, so it's important you sit in your allocated seat. Academic dress is normally worn by graduands receiving an Anglia Ruskin University award. Your mortar board is worn throughout the ceremony.

You will be advised by an usher when your row needs to rise and approach the presentation platform.

Once your name is announced you will be directed to walk onto and across the stage to the centre point, where the Vice Chancellor (or representative) will greet you. You will then continue across the stage, and return back to your seat.

The order of proceedings is as follows

  • Opening music
  • Academic procession of platform party
  • Welcome from Academic Registrar
  • Vice Chancellors Group address
  • Presentation of graduands
  • Presentation of Honorary award/ Student Leader award/ Academic speaker 
  • Presentation of graduands
  • Vote of Thanks by Student Speaker
  • Closing address - The Academic Registrar will invite a member of the Vice Chancellors Group to draw the proceedings to a close
  • Recession of platform party followed by graduates

Following the close of proceedings, all graduates are asked to process out, led by the platform party. You will process around the cathedral, and re-enter at the South Transept. We then invite guests to join graduates at the South Transept in the cathedral for the Faculty post-ceremony reception. You and your guests can collect your glass of bubbly (soft drinks also available) and celebrate with family, friends and staff members. You will also have the opportunity to purchase memorabilia to mark your special day. For information please visit memorabilia.

Once you have finished your celebration in the cathedral, please drop your hired gown back to The Bull Conference Centre before continuing your celebration.

Travel and parking

It is important to know how you and your guests are going to make your way to and from the ceremony. Please visit the The Bull and the Peterborough Cathedral website for directions and information about parking.