Graduation day tips

Here are our top tips for enjoying your graduation day.

1. Arrive in plenty of time
We recommend that you arrive two and a half hours before your ceremony.

Our graduation day itinerary has some suggested timings.

(Need a reminder of ceremony dates and times? Check our graduation ceremony schedule.)

2. Check-in at our registration desks and collect your seating card and any pre-purchased guest tickets
Please bring your graduation confirmation from e:Vision with you when you check in. 

3. Pick up your pre-ordered academic dress
You'll be able to collect your pre-ordered gown, hood and mortar board in the graduation venue.

4. Have your photographs taken (if desired)
Photography is based at the same location as gown collection.

5. Be seated at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts
We aim to open the venue doors one hour before the ceremony.

6. Enjoy the ceremony!
Celebrate your hard work and that of your fellow graduands.

7. Attend the post-ceremony reception to continue the celebration
Our post-ceremony receptions will be held on campus.

Visit the merchandise stands while you're there to buy a keepsake of your special day.

8. Return your gown after the ceremony
Once you've had fun graduating, being photographed and celebrating, drop your gown off at the return desk.