Graduate Development Programme

The Graduate Development programme is no longer available and this page is no longer being updated. For more information about employing graduates, please visit our Employing students and graduates page.

Fast-track the development of new talent

Ambitious, motivated and well-trained staff are a vital part of growing businesses. But providing development training opportunities for new employees, who have the potential to excel, can be a challenging problem. Our Graduate Development Programme offers a solution.

It's a structured six month programme that incorporates experiential learning alongside your graduate employee’s day-to-day work. Facilitators with industry experience work with your graduate employee throughout, arming them with the skills they need to meet the demands of your business as it moves forward.

Who is the programme for?

Employees who have been working with your business for between three and 12 months, and who you've identified as having the potential to make a difference to your business. 

For more detailed information on the programme, see 'Programme details' below.

What are the benefits?

Once your employee has completed the programme, they'll be able to: 

  • build better working relationships and present ideas confidently
  • understand the everyday needs of your business and offer practical and innovative solutions 
  • manage tasks and projects effectively.

As an employer you'll be able to:

  • encourage new talent to join your company
  • strengthen your company’s benefits package
  • train and retain existing talented employees
  • provide a cost-effective and structured framework in lieu of an in-house training scheme.

How much does it cost?

Each programme place costs £1,000 + VAT. Group booking discounts are available and there may be grants or subsidies available, depending on your business.


Tom Stacey, Graduate Recruitment and Development Lead for Bertrand UK, talks about the advantages of working with Anglia Ruskin University in our short film.

The Graduate Development Programme has been incredibly important for Bertrandt UK. It has not only benefited our graduates by giving them two years hard-won work skills in six months, but it has been hugely valuable for management by giving insights into the character, skills and potential of our new starters. We’ve found our participants have started to work better together and have been able to more effectively deal with situations such as presenting to senior management, chairing meetings and dealing with suppliers
Brendon Shaw
UK Team Leader, Bertrand UK

Get in touch

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Tel: 01223 695878

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Programme details

Over six months, employees attend three workshops at Anglia Ruskin University and undertake a mix of practical projects, employer challenges, team activities and networking. This innovative combination of learning gives participants a deep understanding of themselves, the businesses they work in and their role in it – fast-tracking their ability to offer measurable financial value to the organisation while honing their business skills.

The employer’s part

Together, you and your employee set goals for the programme. We'll send you a brief that explains your involvement in the process, but it includes:

  • providing individual support and mentoring
  • setting challenging business problems for your employee to tackle
  • attending networking events and presentations.


We've chosen a mix of specialist trainers, guest speakers and academics who've created a dynamic interactive programme. Sessions include:

  • Problem busting: finding solutions to real business problems
  • Under the microscope: understanding your company’s strengths and supply chain
  • Effective communication: networking, writing, presenting and pitching
  • Building your brand: making an impact within and on behalf of your business
  • Collaborating for growth: building relationships with colleagues, clients and customers
  • Getting down to work: project planning, project management
  • It’s your life: aligning your strengths to the needs of the company.

In between the workshops, we'll set short projects to help participants apply their learning directly and gain a greater understanding of their own company and the problems and challenges they face. As well as mentoring and individual coaching, we'll provide an independent study handbook to support your employee's professional development.