Managerial relevance in B2B marketing research: development of a measurement scale - applications invited

Published: 8 January 2021 at 16:21

We're looking for a PhD student to empirically examine a scale for measuring managerial relevance.

Recent years have seen a debate about the relevance of academic research to business practice in marketing. Managerial relevance is generally viewed as the applicability of research findings, concepts, theories, and models to practical problems.

Although the research conducted within the marketing field is often of high quality and magnitude, it does not reach managers to a great extent. Practitioners are often not interested in the theoretical advances of marketing research; their priority is to satisfy day-to-day practical needs. Marketing research is becoming increasingly irrelevant to practice.

The objective of this research project is to empirically examine a scale for measuring managerial relevance. The study will focus on marketing academics and on practitioners in the Business-to-Business (B2B) markets, because there are signs that the gap between managers and researchers is especially significant when it comes to B2B marketing (Lilien, 2016; Brennan, Tzempelikos, and Wilson, 2014).

The research project is positioned within the body of research dealing with the topic of managerial relevance in B2B marketing (Cortez and Johnston, 2017; Brennan and Turnbull, 2002; Lilien, 2016; Brennan, Tzempelikos, and Wilson, 2014).

Research methods

The research will involve the collection of qualitative and quantitative data. The collection of the qualitative data will rely upon personal interviews with 30 managers from different sectors, researchers and academic managers from the UK using a semi-structured questionnaire. The purpose of the interviews is to help the researcher better understand what ‘managerial relevance’ is and identify key reasons for why practitioners have no interest in marketing research.

The findings of the qualitative study will lead to the direction of the proposed quantitative research, which is to empirically measure the elements that will emerge from the qualitative study by developing a measurement scale for managerial relevance.

The quantitative study will then follow. The quantitative phase of the study will comprise an online-based survey that will be conducted amongst academic and practitioner communities in the UK. From this investigation the researcher will collect the data necessary to measure ‘managerial relevance,’ capturing both the academic and the practitioner point of view to be able to identify any potential gaps in their perspective.

To collect the necessary data the researcher will draw a random sample of 500 marketing academics in the UK and a random sample of 500 practitioners from lists and business directories of professionals in the UK. SPSS will be used for data analysis.

Applications from suitably qualified students are invited for this project. Apply online, or contact Nektarios Tzempelikos, Principal Lecturer in Marketing, at for more information.