How students benefit

The Law Clinic is an invaluable opportunity for our law students to work on real-life cases, under the supervision of qualified solicitors.

Whilst working with the Law Clinic, students will:

  • Work with experienced solicitors to give advice and provide assistance and support during the client interview process
  • Build on their strengths and confidence within the legal profession
  • Develop a range of transferable professional skills and enhance their employability prospects
  • Strengthen their network of contacts and develop strong relationships with the local legal professionals and advice agencies
  • Gain useful insight into the successes and challenges of working in a legal practice
  • Help make a difference in people’s lives by offering them vital access to legal advice and justice

Students receive full induction and on-the-job training at the Law Clinic, specifically in matters of client care and confidentiality, to ensure we deliver an excellent standard of service and professionalism to users of the clinic.