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Faculty:Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Course: BA (Hons) English Literature

Hi, I'm Kaileb, and I'm a second year English Literature student at ARU. I chose to study at ARU because I loved the sense of community I felt as soon as I stepped inside on Open Day. I love studying English Literature because of the amount of writers I have been introduced to, that I wouldn't have found out about otherwise. I also love how it overlaps with other subjects like history, philosophy, music and art. I'm a creative person, and when I'm not reading I enjoy both listening to and playing music as well as art, and also writing.

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15 March 2019

Throughout my three years at ARU studying English Literature, I’ve learned a thing or two. In my first year I got mostly 2:1s and a couple of 2:2s, but in my third and final year I got a first in every single assignment. I’m here to share EXACTLY what to do to get a first every time! Read more…

8 February 2019

Commuting can be hard at the best of times; public transport isn’t always reliable, and travelling to and from uni can take up so much time. For me, my trip into uni is a 160 mile round drive, taking up around 4 hours of my day on a good day! Luckily I only have uni twice a week… Read more…

8 May 2018

Choosing a university to go to can be quite an ordeal for some people; I know it was for me. Completing my A levels I was quite a shy, reserved person, and honestly, I wasn’t even sure at this point if university was for me. I was so unsure of myself - never mind what university to go to! Read more…

12 March 2018

ARU Students’ Union is always advertising for student staff jobs, whether it’s working the bar, in the SU shop, or in the office - and it’s really convenient if you want to fit in your work around your studies. Read more…

12 January 2018

Starting university can be a time of anxiety, and deciding what technology you should buy to aid your studies can be one of those worries. With multiple lectures every week, and assignments to complete, it’s important that you get the right tablet or laptop for you. Read more…

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