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18 June 2021

As my first year at ARU draws to a close, I am reflecting on all of the opportunities I have had to develop myself and make a difference to others this year - including being a class rep for my cohort. Read more…

20 April 2021

Joining uni was an exciting time and I can’t believe I’m already partway through my second semester. I’ve learnt a lot in this time that has helped me to manage my studies and still enjoy myself. So here are my tips for how I made the most of my first semester at ARU. Read more…

8 February 2021

University is very different to studying at school and it can be difficult for many people to adjust to the new learning environment (let alone whilst getting used to living away from home if you’ve never done it before). Read more…

9 November 2020

As I'm sat here writing about my first month at Anglia Ruskin University, I can't quite believe that it's already been that long! Time has absolutely flown by since Freshers' Week and I've thoroughly enjoyed every (socially distanced) moment. Read more…

22 October 2020

Right from my first year, the staff members that I’ve met have been supportive and friendly. They have been a huge part of making my experience an enjoyable one at ARU. As a joint honours student, I’ve had the benefit of meeting different circles of staff from Drama and English Literature. Read more…

22 October 2020

Sociology is a hugely broad subject – you can research anything from class and gender, to crime, globalisation and much more! This means there is a lot of resources out there for us students to get through, and here I have put together a shortlist of some of my favourite books and online resources. Read more…

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