Living in Chelmsford's student village

Vanessa Groom

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Allied Health
Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Category: Allied and public health

1 July 2018

Living in student accommodation on campus certainly has its benefits (as well as its downfalls).

The accommodation I am currently living in as a first year is a 5-bed house. I and one other of my flatmates live on the first floor with the kitchen and a spare toilet, with my 3 other housemates living downstairs on the ground floor. The University offer different types of accommodation such as 3, 5 or 6 bed flats which are all structured slightly differently. Another massive benefit is that the University tries to keep students with placements together as much as possible. It not only gives you people to relate to about your experiences but also they understand how draining night shifts can be and are usually fairly considerate.

An amazing service the University provided when I was applying for accommodation was that each student got the opportunity to fill out an “interests” questionnaire which you could see when applying. This allowed for you to choose to live with people who you share common interests with or who you think you will get along with, without actually meeting them!

Within my flat we were provided with a single room with a desk, wardrobe, drawers and an en-suite. Don’t get me wrong, the en-suite is small, but it’s ideal for what we need without paying extortionate prices. In our rooms we have 2 large corkboards which you can pin anything you want on and I loved being able to make my room my own using these! It’s great to see how others decorate their boards too!

Our kitchen is a fairly large kitchen with 2 cupboards and a drawer each, a fridge and freezer and a table and chairs. A downside is you have to provide all utensils and equipment for the kitchen such as toaster, kettle etc. A bit of advice that we have learnt… keep the kitchen door closed when you’re cooking as the fire alarms are SO sensitive and if they go off, everyone from your flat (or flat block) have to stand outside no matter what the weather until a member of staff comes to check! We’ve been caught out a few times in the rain and snow – not fun!! The washing stations on campus are decently priced, at £2.50 per wash and £1.80 per tumble dry however they do fill up quickly on a weekend!

Our accommodation is slightly outdated but the University are in the process of refurbishing all of the accommodation rooms and from what I have seen so far, they look much much nicer! I have loved living on campus as it has been a great way to socialise and make friends while being so close to Uni and the town centre and it certainly makes you grow up having to look after yourself completely. Saying this, I am looking forward to moving out with my flatmates into a student house in the town centre.


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