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Helga Hejny

Faculty:Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:School of Economics, Finance and Law

I am a Lecturer in law at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. I am Module Leader for Constitutional and Administrative Law and I also teach European Law and Human Rights.

I have work experience in both academia and legal practice in the area of international and European law. My research experience, gained in three different European countries (UK, Italy and Austria), covers different research fields: EU law; labour law (temporary agency workers); sustainable workforce; human rights in human resource management; environmental law.

In addition my preparation covers the following areas: intellectual property; international commercial law; international arbitration; American contract law; legal methods; human rights and equality. I have completed a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in European and Comparative Law with a focus on age discrimination in financial services.

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29 March 2018

Writing an essay can feel like quite a difficult task… but fear not. Sometimes it’s just about having a few useful tips up your sleeve and a bit of practice (and I’m pretty sure you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice). Helga Hejny, Lecturer in Law… Read more…


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