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We know that your future career prospects are important, and we're here to help you prepare for the world of work.

Whether you've just joined ARU or you're starting to think about graduation, the Employability Service can support you with career planning, job searches, interview preparation and more. We also organise a host of events, including careers fairs, workshops and opportunities to meet employers.

Our monthly blog shares tips and features on preparing for the world of work.

If you'd like to catch up in person, simply drop in to see us in Cambridge or Chelmsford.

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11 September 2020

We hear about the hidden job market all the time, but does it really exist? This blog looks at ways to find work from vacancies that were not advertised. Read more…

24 August 2020

Being interested and passionate about your job is a key ingredient to a happy and fulfilling graduate career. This blog looks at why passion plays an important part of your career planning process. Read more…

23 July 2020

Rejection after investing so much energy into an application for work/study/promotion hurts. A lot. This blog explores strategies for staying resilient in the face of rejection, so that you keep moving forward to achieve your career goals. Read more…

17 July 2020

ARU graduate Eliza tells how her degree study gave her so much more than just a qualification, as it helped shape her decisions on what she wanted to do and where she wanted to be in the future. Read more…

10 July 2020

Have you ever thought of Googling yourself to check what records are available online? We are so used to putting our lives and thoughts on social media these days that sometimes we’re unaware of our image, and of who might be watching… Read more…

26 June 2020

Looking for work at any time can be daunting, but with COVID-19 making an unwelcome entrance, we would not blame students for feeling more nervous about it. Here’s some positive news on what’s happening in the jobs market... Read more…

16 June 2020

Merika writes from her childhood home in Washington, USA, where she will be until her return to Cambridge for the final year of her degree study. She gives her thoughts on self-care while living away from ARU during these COVID-19 times. Read more…

10 June 2020

Each year thousands of students apply for the few hundred Medicine places available in the UK. How will you show your potential and secure an offer? Read more…


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