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Welcome to Anglia Ruskin University’s research blog, brought to you by the Research and Innovation Development Office (RIDO). Here, we highlight the latest research funding opportunities in the UK and internationally, along with news and tips for researchers.

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17 June 2019

Iron is by mass the most common element on Earth. It is also an essential element in our body, with one of its major functions to carry oxygen in haemoglobin molecules of red blood cells. Read more…

13 August 2018

As the summer is here and hopefully most of us are up for some travelling and chatting with new people from new places, I got inspired to seek out grants that could enable our researchers to attend or host workshops, meetings or conferences. Read more…

9 July 2018

The European Commission is organising a webinar to present the 2019 funding opportunities for the Health, Demographic Change and Well-being Societal Challenge (SC1). Read more…

29 March 2018

Innovate UK are priming researchers and companies for future Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund opportunities. £300 million will be spent on supporting the ageing population. Read more…

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