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28 May 2019

A cadaver is a human body that has been donated by a deceased individual to be used by medical students and professionals to further their knowledge of the human anatomy. At ARU Medical school… Read more…

24 April 2019

To me at the time, the idea of being a doctor screamed dull, boring and above all gross. Every time it was mentioned, I'd mimic either vomiting, snoring or even an eye roll as I became a teenager Read more…

24 April 2019

My journey to medicine has not been linear. At A-levels, nothing could have been further from my mind than to try and pursue a career in medicine. In fact, a recent Facebook memory has shown that, during a careers counselling session at school, it was suggested that I try my luck at applying… Read more…

8 April 2019

I'm currently in my first year studying Medicine at ARU. We start our placements in November so we have exposure to patients and clinical environments almost right away. Personally… Read more…

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