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Faculty:Business and Law

School:School of Management

Course: MSc Marketing

I’m a Masters student studying Marketing at LAIBS on the Cambridge campus. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management in 2015. I am originally from Croatia, but lived in Germany for 13 years and now in Cambridge, UK.

Since I was 14 I wanted to study in Cambridge and 5 years ago I visited the Cambridge Campus and now I am here, in my last year of university. I decided to do my MSc in Marketing, because I am looking for a creative job – that I like – that will offer me lots of opportunities. In my spare time I like to work as a Student Ambasador, write, blog, read, cook and pet cats! With this blog I hope to be able to write about stuff that is interesting for students – especially those that just started uni – and use the power of technology and communication for a good cause.

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