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Faculty:Business and Law

School:School of Management

Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

I’m Inez, a first year student and Course Representative at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge, studying Business and Human Resource Management.

This course gives me a great combination of skills and knowledge of what every person needs who freshly enter to a job market of suit-and-tie multinational businesses. My future plans are to satisfy my thirst for knowledge in business analytics, gain even better teamwork and leadership skills, and to work in human resources.

The reason why I applied to be a blogger is simple. My goal is to tell you more about the university, to create an atmosphere where students and future candidates feel more involved in everyday life of Anglia Ruskin, to show how you can improve your skills by using opportunities offered by the university and how to be a part of social events and use the connections for the benefit of your future career.

When I’m not representing my course or writing my assignments, I love to take photos of events, concerts, parties, weddings and portraits. I also like to spend some time at Helmore Gym, just to refresh my mind and body

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4 April 2015

Last Friday, I had a great opportunity to travel to London to the National Students’ Union (NUS) Conference. If it doesn`t ring a bell, just check out your NUS card that gives you discounts every day, from printing to travelling. Read more…

11 March 2015

Being a part of the Rep Society as an undergraduate member is so much fun! We just held one of the funniest and most productive meetings of the semester. Representatives came from Cambridge and Essex to share their knowledge. Read more…

10 March 2015

When your CV is nicely prepped with all the experiences and volunteering you’ve ever done, you just need to spread the word of your knowledge. Here comes the networking event organised for students by Lord Ashcroft International Business School. Read more…

4 March 2015

Finally it happened, some of us waited for it like Christmas! Anglia Ruskin University’s Employability Service has represented a job showcase this week. With a wide range of companies and organisations from toxic-gas detector to web designers. Read more…

24 February 2015

A philosophical question; if four birds are sitting on a wire and three of them decide to fly away, how many of them stay behind? The answer is four. You can see the difference between decisions and actions. To make up your mind to get a job can be a good start… Read more…

9 December 2014

I’m Inez, First Year Rep of the shiny brand new course, Business and Human Resource Management. It’s a great combination of business studies and recruitment. How could you pick the right person if you are not sure what the business needs? Here comes the solution from Anglia Ruskin University… Read more…


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