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Faculty:Business and Law

School:School of Economics, Finance and Law

Course: BA (Hons) International Business Strategy

Hi! My name is Daniel Mitrovic. I’m 21 and I’m a first-year student on the Cambridge campus studying International Business strategy (how posh does that sound?!).

Outside of uni, I have a strong background in customer service, training and management. I’m not the type to sit and do nothing, I have to keep busy and I always keep myself active, whether it’s socialising, volunteering, doing stuff at university, or advancing higher at work – I really can’t sit still! I’m also the course representative for the non-accelerated first years for my course, so if you want to talk about anything regarding the course, or just want to have a chat (even if you’re not on my course), feel free to add me on Facebook or drop me an email. I’d be happy to chat with you!

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13 April 2016

There are many things you are taught at university, but what about the things you don’t learn in class? The things that make you think “I thought I’d have pulled myself together by now”! The thing you realise very quickly at university is that there are many hurdles and struggles that you go through… Read more…

13 January 2015

Hello! So I finally got around writing a blog post after a round of mid-terms. But now, we get to relax… until next semester, anyway. I’m kidding (don’t look at me like that… yes, I see you giving me that judgmental look!). Read more…

14 October 2014

So it’s that time of year again where we return to a life which revolves around deadlines and copious amounts of reading… Welcome back, by the way! Read more…

22 July 2014

So we’re finally at the end of the year and into the summer break: who knew it’d fly by so quickly? I thought I’d do my last post for year 1 about the amazing end to the final semester I had! Read more…

13 March 2014

So we’re now into week 6 and I thought I’d do a quick blog entry before I forget what I’ve been up to, because it’s been pretty chaotic! Read more…

21 February 2014

So we’re back in uni for semester 2; how quick did that first semester go? I’m pretty happy, because I’ve just checked my grades for the first semester and, as it stands, I have achieved ABBB which isn’t too bad considering I took a year out of education. Read more…

12 February 2014

I joined Anglia Ruskin in week four after making a decision to drop a sponsored degree and, quite frankly, I haven’t looked back! Read more…


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