Writing assignments

Beverley Courtney

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: BA (Hons) Social Work
Category: Social sciences and social care

16 October 2014

Missing a lecture can be really detrimental when preparing to write your assignments. I missed two lectures due to unforeseen circumstances, and I always felt I was missing vital information. The lectures offer guidance on structuring your assignment and meeting the required learning outcomes.

I was very fortunate; as my study group formed and developed they arranged discussions with me and gave me notes from the lectures I’d missed. That’s why it’s essential you work together as a team, and you have confidence in your study group. You do need to take responsibility for your own learning, and attending all lectures is recommended. However, by working together the group can help you when you’re presented with circumstances beyond your control.

As mentioned before, study coaches and classes can be found through the Student Services Team. You may, for example, need to critically analyse a subject in your assignment. To help you create the best possible assignment, Student Services holds a class on critical analysis. I would strongly recommend that you look at the classes on offer and take any that suit your needs, as they really make a difference to your overall success.

Be warned: tutors can read only 20% of your assignment, but if you submit your entire assignment, they will more than likely just read your introduction. I made this mistake! Decide which part you want the tutor to offer feedback on, and send that part over to them for consideration.

A couple of books I find useful, both when writing assignments or when revising after lectures, are:

  • Doing Essays & Assignments – Essential Tips for Students (Pete Greasley)
  • Dictionary of Social Work (Pierson and Thomas)
Initially I approached my Year 1assignments with fear. My perspective, however, has totally changed. Heading into Year 2, I will welcome them, as I know I am gaining the knowledge I need to succeed in my chosen career.


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