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1 September 2021

Exploring intersectionality and celebrating diversity was one of the 'six golden threads' running through our 2021 Engage learning and teaching conference. As part of the conference, we asked 130 members of staff questions about their understanding and experiences of intersectionality using Padlet… Read more…

9 August 2021

We have an increasingly diverse student population, but this is not reflected in either our staff or our local communities. For instance, about a third of our student body identify as BAME (Black… Read more…

19 July 2021

For decades the Further Education (FE) sector has been referred to as the ‘Cinderella’ sector due to a deep-rooted snobbery where it is seen as less prestigious than its stepsisters, schools and Higher Education (HE). Read more…

9 June 2021

Interest at ARU for an institutional electronic end-to-end assessment solution spans several years (e.g., to at least 2004). Notably, the specific requirements for this current work have their origins in an eAssessment integration project which took place in 2015-2016… Read more…

10 May 2021

ARU’s annual Engage learning and teaching conference provides an opportunity for our community to come together and share ideas. This year’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion has the potential to inspire new ambitions and reinvigorate current good practice. Read more…

29 April 2021

I can remember first seeing Teams early in 2019 and recognising the potential as a collaborative learning space. At that time ARU had just started on a journey to update its use of Microsoft products. The project, called ‘Better Working Together’ had collaboration at its centre… Read more…

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