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6 February 2023

After the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have heard about public health. But as always, there are still a lot of uncertainties about what public health is, and even more uncertainties come when you ask yourself: what can you do with this degree? Let's try to figure it out together! Read more…

24 January 2023

As a mature student, making the decision to change career felt like a really big one! I knew I wanted to work in healthcare, but I was so unsure what path I wanted to take. Until one day, whilst looking at career options on the NHS website I stumbled across Operating Department Practitioner. Read more…

21 December 2022

Alexandre describes the Super Lab - a Level 2 laboratory. Read more…

28 November 2022

Finding the perfect work/life balance as an Operating Department Practice student can be challenging to say the least, but you’ll be pleased to hear that it is possible with a little practice. Read more…

30 August 2022

The skills labs at ARU have been so helpful in giving us students the opportunity to practice essential skills before having to practice in placement. Read more…

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