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Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Allied Health

Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science

Hi, I’m Oli and I am in my first year of the BSc Paramedic Science programme at our Cambridge campus. At 18 I am one of the youngest on the course but I have not found that this has caused any issues – all 30 of us get on like a big family (yes I know it’s an overused cliché). In what little free time I have from university and clinical placements I fence with the university club, play trombone and get involved in scouting activities with the Cambridge University Scout and Guide Club.

In this blog I will mainly be focusing on what I experience during my clinical placements with the ambulance service, because let’s face it – if you are reading a student paramedic’s blog that’s the stuff you want to hear about most of all.

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4 April 2016

This weekend I have had some time off from uni, placement, and case study writing. Read more…

15 February 2016

At the beginning of the year the first year paramedic students from all of the BSc courses at the uni went for a simulation day at Hazard Alley over the course of a week. Of course… Read more…

2 February 2016

As my night with Out of Hours (OOH) continued we received two more calls. Both of these patients were at the request of the ‘admissions avoidance scheme’ GP in the 999 control room, a GP which ambulance crews can contact in order to discuss alternative options to A&E for their patients. Read more…

21 January 2016

During the January holiday from university, while many students were enjoying a break, I organised an observation night shift with my local Out of Hours medical service (OOH)… Read more…

2 December 2015

There are some patients which will always stick with you, some for good reasons, others for less pleasant ones. This week I had a patient who fitted the first of these descriptions; I won’t be forgetting him in a hurry! Read more…

12 November 2015

There has been one thing I have noticed over the last week or so on placement: as a second year I am certainly not going to get away with hiding out of the way on any call outs! Read more…

2 October 2015

Looking back I can’t quite believe that this time last year I was starting my first year as a student paramedic. So much has happened over the last year: I have seen things, I never thought I would have… Read more…

1 September 2015

If I haven’t made clear in these blogs, I love my course and the fact that I am able to help people in their time of need thanks to everything I have been taught, both by the lectures at uni and by my mentor on the road. Read more…

12 August 2015

Last week my scout group from home were camping near to Cambridge, and as I had completed my coursework I thought I would give myself a couple of days off revision for my OSCE exams and give them a hand with the camp. Read more…

30 July 2015

So, it is coming to the end of this year’s placement and there have are a few skills that I have yet to use and therefore have not yet been signed off in my assessment PAD. One of the skills that I needed signing off was the immobilisation of patients with a suspected spinal injury… Read more…


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