On the road again

Alex Grant

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Category: Allied and public health

16 November 2016

I have worked at both Open Days in October and November and it was great to meet so many people interested in studying Paramedic Science. I even met a few students that have been reading these blogs! For our most recent Open Day in November we had a frontline ambulance on display in front of Lord Ashcroft building. This proved very popular and I stayed with the vehicle all day giving tours of the saloon and cab, some of the younger ones even got to play with the blue lights!

Placement has finally dawned on us for second year. I remember the night before my first ever shift in 1st year – mainly because I didn’t get any sleep… I have a feeling this pattern may continue into second year. My first shift is Wednesday in the Emergency Operations Centre as an observer. I have already been to the LAS Waterloo HQ before and I really enjoyed it as a night shift. This time it is a day shift and with the winter rush increasing pressure on the service I’m sure there won’t be a dull moment. I have even been invited upstairs to meet the Comms team as I recently was a photographer for London’s Air Ambulance at the House of Commons. The head of communications for the LAS noticed me and we talked about collaborating in the future.

I will be returning to Islington station with a new mentor, as well as Camden Ambulance Station for a few FRU (Fast Response Unit) shifts in December. I look forward to blogging about my jobs soon!


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