Phase 1

Curated by Dr David Ryan and Benet Spencer.

4-20 February 2016, Ruskin Gallery

Phase 1 was an international drawing exhibition featuring artists from France, Germany and the UK, curated and including work by Fine Art staff from Anglia Ruskin University, and developed as part of of Réseau Peinture, an international research project and collaboration between European, US and UK art schools, which focuses on contemporary painting. Réseau Peinture was initiated by Olivier Gourvil, from the École Supérieure d’Art et Design Grenoble - Valence.

The exhibition took as its starting point an analogy between the architectural construct and the idea and nature of the working study or projection: notation, blueprint, as well as the various technological mediations that enable the translation from idea to realisation, with drawing as a central component. Featured work includes pencil and ink drawings, computer-generated images, expanded drawing in installation form, collages in mixed media, as well as oil and acrylic studies.

Phase 1 was conceived as the first of a series of events that will build on the theme of art-architecture relationships, developed as part of Réseau Peinture.