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Tom Dale

Tom's research has developed from a concern with sculpture, having then broadened out into various concerns with installation/object and moving image. He is particularly interested in how the object increasingly operates as a 'portal' - whereby sculptural objects become shifting signifiers, screen-like and virtual rather than physically grounded and univocal. Not only are objects and images subverted in some way, but they also examine the potential for a frictional relationship to their origins in the everyday and popular culture.

'icave' by Tom Dale (from Dawnbreakers exhibition)
'Temp', Tom Dale
'Cow Palace', Tom Dale
Andrea Medjesi-Jones

Andrea's research looks at the relationship between painting, drawing and processes of thought. She is interested in Deleuze's notion of a 'shock to thought' whereby the experience of the work can momentarily unravel preconceptions and defamiliarize what, and how, form holds. She is very concerned with the act of making, but also its contextualization and, as revealed in Adorno's late writings, the potential sedimentation of content and its various histories within the work itself.

'Punct', Andrea Medjesi-Jones
'Domino', Andrea-Medjesi-Jones
'Flags', Andrea Medjesi Jones
'Debaser', Andrea Medjesi-Jones

Past projects

American Mountains - The Greenway. Residency at Grand Union, Digbeth, Birmingham May 2011. Jamie George.

Via Di San Teodoro 8, film, 2010 (David Ryan)

'Changing the system: indeterminacy and politics in the early 1970s', chapter in Changing the System:The Music of Christian Wolff, 2010 (David Ryan)

Knots and Fields, film, 2010 (David Ryan)

'Deadendless', Tom Dale

Whitstable Biennale June 2010 (Tom Dale)

Wind, le souffle entre les images Le Quartier, Quimper, France, June 2010 (Tom Dale)

Take shape - Make shift Instants Chavires, Paris, May - June 2010 (Tom Dale)

Dawnbreakers, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, April 27 - June 19 2010 (Tom Dale)

'Shot Through', Tom Dale

'Senseless Violence', Centrum Voor Junge Kunst, Ghent, Belgium, February - April 2010 (Tom Dale)

'Videonale 12', Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Jan - March 2010 (Tom Dale)

La peinture est presque abstraite, analogue press, Arles, France (essay by David Ryan) 2009

Deceitful Moon, Hayward Gallery Project Space (Tom Dale)

'We have Eyes as well as Ears' in the Ashgate Research Companion to Experimental Music, 2009 (David Ryan)

'Crossing Abstraction', David Ryan

Crossing Abstraction, Kunstraum Bethianen, Berlin, 2009 (David Ryan)

Saxon (curated by Jan Bolivar) Schwartz gallery (Tom Dale and Benet Spencer)

Abstract Painting Symposium, French Institute, London (David Ryan) (2009)

Exiled Lines, Exhibition and talk, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge (Andrea Medjesi-Jones)

'Flag', Andrea Medjesi-Jones

Articles in the journal Art Monthly (David Ryan)

Solo exhibition (2009), Karsten Schubert, London (Robert Holyhead)

Reconstructing the Old House (2009) at the Nunnery Gallery, London and Ruskin Gallery (curated by Benet Spencer, Course Leader, Fine Art); essay by David Ryan (Arts Council England funded); artists' talk, London (Benet Spencer organiser and speaker)

Whitechapel Art Gallery (2009) East End Academy of Painting (Robert Holyhead, 0.4 SL, invited artist)

Meta (2009) symposium on abstract painting at Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge (David Ryan organiser and speaker)

'Small Painting 7' David Ryan, Meta

Sonic Illuminations - Sound and moving image (David Ryan) BFI, London, (2008)

Impact 5: International Printmaking Symposium (2008), chaired by Nick Devison, Estonian Academy of Art, Estonia

Transfer (2006) at Keith Talent Gallery, London (co-curated, participation, essay by David Ryan)

Dal Niente - an ongoing series of concerts which attempts to explore lesser known - or rarely performed - aspects of modern music (David Ryan)

'Dal Niente 3 - Nocturne', David Ryan

'Talking Painting' Dialogues with twelve contemporary abstract painters Routledge, 2002. ISBN 0-415-27629-2 (David Ryan)

Hybrids Exhibition Catalogue, Tate Publications, 2001. ISBN: 1-85437-379-X (David Ryan)