Media, streaming and recording

Our University uses a number of technologies designed to enhance learning and teaching.


MS Teams is the online meetings tool that is used by our University for online meetings and webinars. Students can access these sessions at home, on a tablet, on a smart phone, or on a computer.

During webinars and meetings, staff and students can share their screens to show presentations and/or share other documents relevant to the discussion. The software also includes a chat area and the ability to record the meeting or webinar which can be uploaded to MyPlayer to share with students.

For most situations Teams provides all the functionality you will need; however, there are specific situations e.g. where breakout rooms are needed that require the use of Zoom.

We have therefore developed an Online Meeting Tools and Security Guidance document for the use of both Teams and Zoom which will help you take the necessary precautions to ensure that they run smoothly and only invited participants are able to join your meetings and/or webinars. 

We run regular webinars to get you started on Using MS Teams in Canvas for online teaching, and to take you further which you can book onto. There are also resources on our dedicated Canvas sites for using MS Teams and Zoom.

The following tutorials cover the content from the Online Teaching in Teams via Canvas webinar:

Setting up a Teams Meeting in Canvas
This 5 minute tutorial explains how to set up a Teams Meeting in Canvas

Running a webinar in Teams

This short video tutorial shows you how to join your meeting/webinar, share your screen and record your webinar in Teams.

Good Practice Running webinars in Teams

Hear seven tips for running webinars in Teams.


Troubleshooting a webinar in Teams

This videos provides tips to help ensure that your Teams webinar runs smoothly.

Additional features that you can use in Teams:

Making screencasts in Teams

This short video helps you to get started in making screencasts in Teams.


The following tutorial covers the content from the Online Teaching in Teams - Taking it further webinar:


Using polls in a Teams meeting via Microsoft Forms

This is a short tutorial that shows you how to set up a poll in a MS Teams meeting using MS Forms.

MS Stream and Canvas

Meetings and webinars run in MS Teams can be recorded to MS Stream which allows you to share your online sessions in Canvas. You can share the recording directly to Canvas either by embedding the video or adding the link (rather than having to download and re-upload the file). Microsoft Stream automatically provides captions and a synchronised transcript of the recording which are reasonably accurate and can be easily edited if needed.

Lecture and Room Capture

Our current lecture capture system is Echo360, and is fitted in a number of rooms across the University, along with one portable device in Chelmsford. Contact your Learning Technologists to organise a capture well in advance of the event. The videos can be embedded into your Canvas modules.

Screen Capture

Record yourself speaking over PowerPoint, or demonstrating something on your screen. Echo360's Personal Capture and Camtasia are commonly used across the University. Contact IT Services and/or your Learning Technologists to discuss your options. We are also happy to provide staff development in this area to help you get started. Contact Anglia Learning & Teaching.

Video and Audio Streaming 

MyPlayer is our University's audio and video streaming server. Students can view videos and audio at home, on smart phones, on computers, etc. Staff can view and upload materials up to two gigabytes in size, along with pictures and Word/Excel/PowerPoint files. Staff can also record videos on their phone/mobile devices and upload directly to MyPlayer.

iTunes U

iTunes U offers a free infrastructure for the dissemination of university podcasts – both audio and video – and is affiliated to the world's largest distributor of music, iTunes. Most universities use iTunes U and we have a channel that has received many views. Contact us if you are interested in disseminating your audio and video materials.

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) allows all staff and students to access, edit, embed, share millions of TV/radio programmes that are aired on terrestrial/freeview TV, with the added bonus of not having to worry about copyright.