Transfer to ARU

Starting university is a big deal. But if your first year isn't quite going as you'd hoped, or has left you wanting something more, transferring to ARU might be the answer.

Here's how

We welcome applications into Year 2 or 3 for most of our undergraduate courses, though please note there are a few exceptions (see below).

Follow these steps to apply.

  1. Find your perfect course: search for a course by name or explore subject areas.
  2. Make an application.
  3. Ask your current university or college for a transcript. This is a record of the modules you've studied so far and the grades you've achieved. We'll ask to see this when we're reviewing your application.
  4. Ask your current university or college for your module guides. These will differ in format for each institution but should include similar content. An example can be found via the ‘Before you apply’ section to help you to identify the information we require. We'll ask to see this when we're reviewing your application.

When you're considering courses at ARU, look for those that relate to the subject you're currently studying. Don't worry if the module content isn't exactly the same – the important thing is that it's broadly compatible.

If you have any questions about transferring to ARU, speak to us on live chat, drop us a line at or visit our information page.

Here's why

Full of opportunity

"ARU welcomed me with open arms and really saw my potential."

Kira Barnard, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Kira's story

Friendly and open

"I am part of a course that makes me feel important and I know that ARU is the place where I can do my best."

Lizzie Knott, BA (Hons) Illustration

Lizzie's story

Vibrant and inspiring

"I know the names of everybody in my year and we all work together to guide and push each other."

Tabitha Wall, BA (Hons) Illustration

Tabitha's story

Invaluable experience

"Making the decision to transfer to ARU is the best decision I have ever made."

Emma Scrivener, BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management

Emma's story

Course availability and entry requirements

The application process

Entry requirements

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)


Transferring from ARU

At ARU we understand that on rare occasions, a student may wish to transfer from ARU to another university to continue their studies. ARU wants to help you to achieve your ambitions and will support you in whatever choice you make as you continue your higher education. More information for current students thinking of transferring away from ARU.