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Starting university is a big deal. But if your first year isn't quite going as you'd hoped, or has left you wanting something more, transferring to ARU might be the answer.

Here's how

We welcome applications into Year 2 or 3 for most of our undergraduate courses, though please note there are a few exceptions (details below).

Follow these three steps to apply.

  1. Find your perfect course: search for a course by name or explore subject areas.
  2. Make an application: you'll find an application link on each course page.
  3. Ask your current university or college for a transcript. This is a record of the modules you've studied so far and the grades you've achieved. We'll ask to see this when we're reviewing your application.

When you're considering courses at ARU, look for those that relate to the subject you're currently studying. Don't worry if the module content isn't exactly the same – the important thing is that it's broadly compatible. You'll find detailed information about entry requirements and course compatibility below.

If you have any questions about transferring to ARU, speak to us on live chat or drop us a line at

Here's why

  • Full of opportunity

    ARU student Kira

    Full of opportunity

    ARU welcomed me with open arms and really saw my potential.

    I am a transfer student from another university. I chose my original university for its amazing facilities. I am a fine art student, so I looked for the size of the printmaking room, photography studios and dark rooms, as that is what I use.

    Within the first two or three weeks I realised that there was a reason for having a huge print room and loads of facilities: to accommodate the 86 students on the course in my year, and the 203 people in years 2 and 3.

    I quickly realised that because I wasn’t the loudest, I didn’t get the attention I needed from tutors to progress my work. So I began to look at other options.

    ARU is my local university and the best place for me.

    My course tutors at Cambridge School of Art, Rob Holyhead and Benet Spencer have helped me develop as a person, and made me feel confident about the work I produce. I promised them I would work hard and they have supported me so much. I now love what I do.

    Making friends was easy, as it was a small year of 30 people. I have learned that staying near home doesn’t mean your university experience has to be any different. As an artist, my work has never been stronger and I am excited to be doing my dissertation next year on something I am truly passionate about.

    I am a stronger person for getting through that first year, and have the experience to know where I want to be and what I want to do. I want to become an art teacher and influence young, creative people to make any choices they wish, and be proud of the work they make.

    I have ARU to thank for creating this opportunity for me.

    Kira studies BA (Hons) Fine Art at ARU.

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  • Friendly and open

    ARU student Lizzie

    Friendly and open

    Weighing up my options and reaching out to a university that felt much more suited to my needs has changed my life – and the opportunities that come my way.

    I spent the first year of my art degree at a university in the south of England, which offered a course that was well respected. But I felt lost and ignored among 160 fellow students. It felt impersonal. The tutors weren’t familiar with our work and, whilst I didn’t expect to be mothered, I craved more guidance, feedback and direction.

    So I began looking at options to transfer to another university. A friend mentioned ARU, so I arranged to meet the Illustration course leader, Chris Draper. Chris was happy to accommodate my questions and organise for me to see whether transferring would be the right choice.

    On that day, I was taken aback by the work being exhibited by Cambridge School of Art students, and the tutors that spoke to me were friendly and open about how the course was run.

    I immediately felt comfortable and even got the chance to speak to a handful of students. They gave me honest advice and, funnily enough, ended up being the girls I live with this year. The course was small – around 35 students, the briefs were frequent and I just got a really good feeling about it.

    So I applied, had an interview and got in. Here, in my second year, the quality of my work has improved, the tutors know my work and the feedback that I get from my course mates motivates me to become a better illustrator.

    I am part of a course that makes me feel important and I know that ARU is the place where I can do my best. It is a lovely artistic community to be a part of, and coming here was the best decision I ever made.

    Lizzie studies BA (Hons) Illustration at ARU.

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  • Vibrant and inspiring

    ARU student Tabitha

    Vibrant and inspiring

    Cambridge School of Art is such a vibrant and inspiring place to be.

    I didn't start my university education here, though. I mainly chose my first university based on a recommendation; and because it had a massive range of art courses.

    Although I was happy with the social side, the course itself felt like a step down from my A level. We had very limited contact hours, and for the term I was there we were only given a few briefs. The room we were taught in was a dark attic and there were too many people, often meaning we had to share small desks. The tutors didn’t seem particularly interested in my work: I don’t think they even knew my name.

    When I came back for Christmas, all my friends were raving about their experiences. I knew I wasn’t happy with my course.

    So I approached Cambridge School of Art instead. The interview was great; I really felt like Chris Draper, the Course Leader, was interested in me and my work.

    I also feel like it’s a step forward from school, but without losing the personal interactions and friendliness. The briefs are stimulating and engaging, but help and guidance is always given. We are eased in to more challenging projects, eg being given briefs to write short tweets before being asked to write a whole essay.

    After a year I know the names of everybody in my year and we all work together to guide and push each other, particularly through the weekly crits.

    I think it’s great to be alongside other well-respected art courses, too. The MA Children’s Book Illustration, for example, is really well known, and it's inspiring to be working alongside students in the print room, seeing their work and creative processes.

    At ARU, I recently trained as an ambassador, because I know that I can recommend my course and talk honestly and positively about my experience so far.

    Tabitha studies BA (Hons) Illustration at ARU.

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  • Invaluable experience

    ARU student Emma

    Invaluable experience

    I made the decision to transfer to ARU after feeling unhappy doing a course at another university that wasn’t right for me.

    I spoke to a member of staff who instantly made me feel at ease and I then made a trip to visit the university campus. As soon as I walked in I felt at home: every single person I met was so friendly and helpful.

    Making the decision to transfer to ARU is the best decision I have ever made, I wouldn’t be the confident individual I am today if I hadn’t moved here, and I definitely wouldn’t have gained the invaluable experience and my placement with M&S. I truly feel like I am made for ARU.

    Emma studies BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management at ARU.

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Transferring from ARU

At ARU we understand that on rare occasions, a student may wish to transfer from ARU to another university to continue their studies. ARU wants to help you to achieve your ambitions and will support you in whatever choice you make as you continue your higher education. More information for current students thinking of transferring away from ARU.