Supplementary information forms

Please download and complete the relevant supplementary information form for your apprenticeship or continuing professional development module, from those listed below.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Please upload the completed form to the Applicant Portal, or return it by email to our CPD Admissions Team at

MSc Advanced Practice (Clinical)

Designated Clinical Facilitator form

Advanced Management of Minor Injuries

Advanced Management of Minor Injuries supplementary information form

Assessment Skills

Advanced / Clinical Assessment Skills for Health Professionals (levels 6 and 7) supplementary information form
Assessment Skills for Community Practitioners supplementary information form

Critical Care

Critical Care (level 6 and PG Cert) supplementary information form

Fundamentals of Practice Nursing

Fundamentals of Practice Nursing supplementary information form

Learning and Teaching (Higher Education)

PG Cert Learning and Teaching (Higher Education) supplementary information form


Mentorship Preparation supplementary information form
Mentorship in Allied Health Care Practice
Mentor agreement form

Information for Mentorship Student Supervisors

Guidelines for supervisor mentors (healthcare professionals who are currently on the local register of mentors and who will be supporting trainee mentors)

Minor Illness

Minor Illness pre-course information form

Paramedic CPD modules

Clinical practice placement supplementary information form


Please note: For ALL prescribing modules the supplementary information form must be completed and returned to your Trust Education Liaison Manager (ELM) before your application can be processed. You will not be accepted onto the course until your ELM has seen the completed form and has approved your application. If you have any questions, please contact your ELM.

Advanced / Non-Medical Prescribing V300 (level 6 and 7) supplementary information form
Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribing V100 supplementary information form
Community Formulary Prescribing V150 supplementary information form

Return to Professional Practice

Return to Professional Practice supplementary information form

Surgical First Assistant

Surgical First Assistant supplementary information form

Surgical First Assistant enhanced skills supplementary information form

Higher and degree apprenticeships

Please upload the completed initial needs assessment form to your online application before you submit it, or return to our Degrees at Work Admissions Team at

Architecture, construction and surveying

Chartered Surveyor initial needs assessment form

Chartered Town Planner initial needs assessment form

Business and marketing

Chartered Manager initial needs assessment form

Digital Marketing initial needs assessment form

Senior Leader Masters initial needs assessment form

Computer science and digital technology

Data Scientist initial needs assessment form

Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (MSc) initial needs assessment form

Digital Technology initial needs assessment form


Civil Engineering initial needs assessment form

Health and social care

Advanced Clinical Practice initial needs assessment form

Assistant Practitioner initial needs assessment form

Nursing Associate initial needs assessment form

Registered Nurse (Adult) initial needs assessment form

Registered Nurse (Child) initial needs assessment form

Registered Nurse (Mental Health) initial needs assessment form

Initial needs assessment guidance for apprentices

Please download and complete a copy of the relevant Initial Needs Assessment document for your apprenticeship. We are interested in looking at the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you may bring to your apprenticeship.

If possible, please complete this along with your apprenticeship line manager as it is important to include their thoughts in this assessment. If this is not possible it is okay to complete this on your own. Your line manager does not need to sign this form.

Please be honest when answering the questions. Do not worry if you have no evidence or experience in all or some areas. This will not affect you receiving an offer for your course as long as you meet the entry requirements for your course.

If you think you do have relevant experience or evidence to meet some of the knowledge, skills or behaviours, please describe how you meet these as fully as you can. If you assess yourself to be fully competent in a certain area you will be asked to submit evidence to support this assessment. We advise that you do this when returning this form to our Admissions team to avoid any delays.

ARU will assess your answers to establish whether we can credit you for your existing knowledge, skills or behaviours. This may reduce the cost and duration of your apprenticeship. You may be asked to complete an interview with a Course Admissions Tutor to discuss your answers. Any credit that you may be entitled to will be confirmed in the offer letter you receive from us.