Temporary online interviews using Teams

Due to Government advice, we are practising social distancing and reducing the need for social interaction. We’ll be conducting our interviews for nursing degree courses on Teams.

We’ll endeavour to have much parity as possible between the online interview and a campus interview, but of course we can’t truly replicate the experience.

At the beginning of your interview we’ll ask you to show ID to verify who you are. We won’t ask to see qualifications at this stage. Your interview will consist of questions and scenarios. We’ll be interested in your knowledge of the role of a nurse and your values.

Please note your interview may be recorded.

Below, you'll find some helpful information about your interview and some of the things we'll be discussing. Do take a look before your interview.

Teams interviews for nursing degrees

The information below relates to standard campus interviews. If you're attending a Teams (online) interview, please refer to the information above.

If your application is successful, we'll invite you to an interview/experience day in Cambridge, Chelmsford or Peterborough. First, you may like to read our general tips about preparing.

Some interviews will be held on weekdays and in Chelmsford and Cambridge there will also be the option of being interviewed on a Saturday.

You'll need to be prepared with knowledge and understanding of the role of a Nurse. When you graduate, you'll be eligible to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Therefore, you must be aware of and uphold the NMC’s professional values and behaviours. Additionally, as you’ll be working with service users at a very vulnerable time in their lives from early on in your degree, and throughout your career, you're expected to be familiar with and uphold the NHS Constitution and values.

Interview on a weekday

On a weekday we offer a shorter interview day which comprises the following 3 elements.

  • Welcome talk
  • Multiple Mini Interviews
  • Campus tour

Interview on a Saturday

At a Saturday interview we offer you an experience of life as a student at ARU, as well as the interview component. Please note this is a full day event and day usually runs from 9am (8:30am for registration) till about 3:30pm. Parking is available at the Chelmsford campus only on a Saturday.

Welcome talk

We’ll start with a short presentation about studying nursing at ARU and what to expect from the day.

Multiple Mini Interviews

We use the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) approach to find out more about you and why you want to study nursing. You’ll have three short interviews, where you’ll have a conversation with a lecturer (academic), a nurse (Trust representative) and a patient (service user). This is your chance to show all three interviewers what type of person you are, how well you understand the role you have applied for.

You’ll visit three different stations and you’ll be given scenarios which will be linked to one or more of the NHS Values. We’ll be looking to test your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, judgement and ethics, among other desirable attributes for an aspiring nurse.

We'll ask you to respond to scenarios such as: “a patient on a ward asks you for your personal phone number in case they have any questions that need answering. What do you do?” How would you deal with this scenario? We’ll be assessing your motivation and understanding and academic ability, all underpinned by the 6Cs of the NHS Constitution.

There’s no need to worry, all of our interviewers are relaxed, friendly and are looking forward to seeing your potential.

Taster lecture

This short session will give you an idea of what a university lecture is like at ARU. It’ll be interactive and informative give you an idea of how the roles and responsibilities of a nurse might apply in real-life situations by using a fictional patient scenario.

Skills and simulation session

In the skills lab you’ll be able to get hands on with the equipment our nursing students use in their practical sessions, learning basic techniques and getting a feel for how we teach. Using the same patient scenario as the lecture, the scenario will show nursing students in action, you’ll be able to see up close the actions nurses take in high pressure situations.

Placement and professionalism session

Understand what is required of a student nurse and all the different places that a degree in nursing can take you, get to know the Trusts that you could be placed with and begin to think about yourselves through a professional lens.

Campus tour

You'll be accompanied by your own personal Student Ambassador, who will be a current ARU nursing student. They’ll show you the buildings and lecture halls where you’ll be studying, as well as the nursing skills labs where you will be learning valuable practical skills.

Next steps

Before you leave, we'll make sure you know what to expect, what we need you to do next as well as getting any last-minute questions answered before you go.