Love, lies and nudes

Love, lies and nudes is a hard-hitting short documentary made by Capital Xtra DJ, presenter and blogger, Yinka Bokinni, in close collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University.

I doubt every single man. I do not trust anybody. The paranoia is crippling

Inspired by the work of Dr Tanya Horeck and her team around violence and misogyny in the digital age, the film explores the murky subject of so-called 'revenge porn', exploring the harm it causes, the law surrounding it and the support that’s available to victims.

Yinka investigates a number of experiences from women and men that show just how wide-ranging the problem is and how inappropriate and insufficient the term ‘revenge porn’ really is. Dr Horeck talks about how image-based sexual abuse circulates, and we talk to a lawyer about what recourse to justice is available.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to the victims who contributed to this film, without whom it wouldn't have been possible.

This documentary was made as part of #WhatWeDo, a short season of creative collaborations about the culture and ideas that emerge from Anglia Ruskin University.

Inspired by Yinka's film?

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