Graduate success

Our graduates don't rest on their laurels. They take everything they've learned, discovered and done at ARU, and they thrive in the real world.

Among our recent graduates you'll find entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and healthcare innovators. And you'll also find those who loved studying so much they stayed, and became a new generation of researchers and lecturers.

Seven of our graduates share their stories.

Hameeda: found in translation

When you've always dreamed of doing something, the thought stays with you. Hameeda, who'd never attended school when she came to the UK aged 13, realised her dream when she graduated with first-class honours in law. Read Hameeda's story

Livi: an enterprising mindset

Student nurse Livi always felt she had the potential to make a difference. And she did, by setting up a First Responder scheme where volunteers, including Livi, deliver life-sustaining treatment while patients wait for paramedics. Read Livi's story.

History & Lore: an unplanned success

One day, you're jamming with a couple of your fellow music students; the next, you've recorded songs and gone out on tour. History & Lore, formed at ARU, credit their lecturers with supporting them all the way. Read History & Lore's story.

Shu-Ti: the enterprising artist

Shu-Ti always knew she wanted to draw – but what, and where? She discovered our Children's Book Illustration degree, and was hooked. Since graduating, she's won a prestigious illustration prize and published her first book. Read Shu-Ti's story.

Amy: thinking outside the box

An experienced educator, Amy also has an entrepreneurial streak and ambitions to launch her own business. Buoyed by start-up funding from ARU, she's launched an interactive learning aid for children with autism. Read Amy's story.

Ashley: global fusion

University has always been about more than studying. It's about broadening your horizons and meeting new people, too. Project Management student Ashley put her skills to good use when she set up a society for international students. Read Ashley's story.

Rosaliyo: feed your curiosity

Intensely curious and with a passion for engineering, Rosaliyo travelled thousands of miles from home to study at ARU. Now, she’s an associate lecturer, inspiring other students about the subject she loves. Read Rosaliyo's story.