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Advanced Practice (Clinical) MSc

Offer your most valued clinical staff and senior nurses the opportunity to enhance their specialised practice, education, research and leadership skills, and to then apply these skills to a higher level of contemporary and autonomous clinical practice in your health and social care workplace.

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Advanced Clinical Practitioner Masters Degree Apprenticeship: invest in the health service of the future.

Our course will provide your experienced and capable practitioners with the knowledge and skills to work at a higher level of clinical practice, whether it's acute, emergency, critical or primary care. It will further equip them to pursue new career opportunities in healthcare leadership, research or education.

Accreditation with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) provides effective governance to assure employers of their Advanced Practitioners’ fitness to practice at this higher level. This professional recognition empowers employers to plan service redesign whilst developing advanced clinical roles in a meaningful and targeted manner.

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