English language support

Student studying

If you're an international student, we understand studying in English and settling into university life can seem overwhelming.

To support your academic success we offer free in-sessional taught classes and one-to-one academic language consultations.

In-sessional support

Our in-sessional support includes classes on a range of academic and language skills. The courses are taught over 10 weeks, during term one and two.

You can take a maximum of three taught hours per week plus a one to one consultation, and you can take classes on all the skills offered or your own selection. In some cases, you may be advised which classes you should attend to support your studies. You will need to select times that fit in with your timetable and you must attend these sessions every week.

To book a place visit the bookings page. For any further information you can also email us at englishsupport@anglia.ac.uk.

Who is it for?

Our in-sessional classes are for all international students studying an undergraduate or postgraduate programme.

You can sign up for a course:

  • by request if you want to do one or more of the sessions
  • after taking an induction language test (all international students are given this test before the start of their academic studies) if we think you require additional support
  • on the request of your tutor or faculty if they would like you to have extra support
What does it include?

Our taught courses include sessions on the following:

  • Writing and reading skills - assignments, dissertations & extensive reading techniques
  • Speaking and listening skills - note taking, presentations, seminar skills, pronunciation
  • Language skills - core language knowledge (e.g. sentence structure and complex grammar)

For more details about each of the courses offered please read the timetable.

Academic English Language Consultations

Our English language consultations provide friendly and supportive one-to-one sessions of 20 minutes. These are designed to give you the opportunity to discuss specific areas in more detail with one of our tutors. These sessions are offered at set times on Monday to Thursday, throughout the academic year.

What can you discuss?

In the one-to-one sessions we can offer advice on topics including:

  • how to format your work
  • identifying areas of difficulty with language and possible solutions
  • help with the organisation and development of your ideas
  • ideas on how to write more clearly and accurately

You are welcome to bring along samples of your work for our tutors to look at.

Please note we can’t provide a proof-reading service at these consultations. If you have concerns about your writing, we would recommend attending the in-sessional class on writing skills and/or on language skills. These sessions will help with your grammar and vocabulary.

How to book

You can book a maximum of four sessions per term. The sessions are all 20 minutes long. You must book on different days - you can’t book back to back consultations. If you are unable to attend your one-to-one consultation, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing englishsupport@anglia.ac.uk.

To book a consultation, please choose the campus below: