Preparing for university

Student outside university building

So, you're off to uni – congratulations! There are a few things you'll need to think about or do beforehand. Check our handy guides to getting uni-ready and enjoying that all-important first week.

Before you get here

There are several simple things you can do to start getting prepped for university, such as opening a student bank account, registering with a local GP, and perhaps checking out part-time job opportunities. Our handy hints will tell you more.

You can also make sure you're registered with ARU, download our student app, and view your teaching timetable. Check our Welcome pages for details.

When you arrive 

Welcome Week, aka Freshers' Week, is your chance to start making friends and really finding out what's on offer at ARU.

There's a big focus on your course. You'll attend a course introduction and meet your course leader, Personal Development Tutor and class mates.

You can also visit the Freshers' Fair to learn more about student clubs and societies, and opportunities and experiences outside your course.

Plus, ARU Students' Union organises a raft of fun events: check the SU website for details.