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What does testing involve?

Tests at our Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences typically take about 90 minutes, and include a short feedback session on the results.

When you arrive at the Centre, you will be met by one of our experienced consultancy team. We will go through the test information with you, and ask you to complete health and consent forms before the testing starts.

Following this we will take you through to our Performance Testing Laboratory where you will meet the team who will be looking after you.

Our tests last approximately 90 minutes and include a short feedback session on the results with discussion about your goals. Each test will involve:

  1. Assessment of body composition (weight, bodyfat, lean muscle mass)
  2. Resting measures (heart rate, blood pressure)
  3. A submaximal exercise profile to determine heart rate zones relevant to training
  4. A maximal exercise stage (if applicable) to determine your overall fitness capacity
  5. Summary report with details on heart rate training zones, personalised lactate thresholds, exercise economy and respiratory data.

Tests can be undertaken on a treadmill, bike or rowing ergometer. Throughout the test you will be required to wear a standard face mask which is connected to an online analyser monitoring various respiratory factors. We will also collect several small (fingertip) blood samples at each stage to monitor blood lactate and glucose responses to exercise.

Our consultancy operates in testing blocks throughout the year, with availability on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in each block. Appointments are typically at 4pm and 6pm.


If you are over 45 years (men) or 55 years (women), or if you have any underlying medical conditions which may exclude you from exercise testing it is recommended that you consult your GP before booking a test. Please email the Consultancy Director (Dr. Justin Roberts: for more information.

What do we offer?

1. One off test

Recommended for - if you are interested in finding out where you are right now.

A one-off test can provide useful information on where you currently are in terms of general health and fitness. This can be a great way of deciding what type of training or exercise programme might be effective for you, or how you might modify a training programme to gain the most benefit for you.

Cost: £85 (including VAT).

2. Test - Retest

Recommended for - if you are training for a short-term event or interested in monitoring the effects of an exercise programme.

Choosing this option is beneficial if you are in the process of training for an event or looking to simply monitor the effect of a current programme. Finding out how you personally respond to exercise before and after a programme you might be doing can be useful to determine how effective the training is (or indeed how you could modify your exercise routine). This is particularly useful if you are considering or undertaking a weight loss programme or training for your first event (Charity event, Park Run or 10km events as an example).

Cost: £150 (including VAT).

3. Annual MOT

Recommended for - if you are training for a longer-term event (eg half marathon, marathon, triathlon) where monitoring each three to four months can be beneficial in tailoring your programme.

We especially recommend this option if you are preparing for an event in the future, i.e.: a half marathon or marathon next year. Being monitored each 12–16 weeks can be a real motivator to how well you are doing, and provide crucial information on exercise economy and how efficient you are when exercising. Tracking your improvements can also help in refining training as you approach your event, and can make a real difference in your success.

Cost: £210 (including VAT).

Further information

Following an assessment, we will discuss the results with you and provide a summary report with key information. Testing can be tailored specifically to your sport or event, and can be carried out on a treadmill, bike or rower based on your preference. Also if you would prefer to be tested on your own road bike this can be accommodated too. If you have any specific requests outside of these packages then please discuss with us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please be aware that our services are not intended to prescribe personalised training or exercise programmes, but provide key scientific data to support your training or monitor adaptations over time.

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For further information on any of the services offered please contact Dr Justin Roberts:

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