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ARU: Exploring Criminology

Criminology student at a mock crime scene

What leads people to commit crime? Is punishment effective? How do representations in the media affect our society’s perceptions of crime, victims and justice?

Join us on Microsoft Teams for live sessions as part of our Crime Week from Monday 23 to Thursday 26 November. Crime Week covers topics to compliment your current learning, open your mind to new areas of study and potential careers paths as well as giving you an insight into University-level study.

This is a great opportunity for you to sign up to sessions which will support your current learning and provide a taste of university study. Open to current level 3 students, sessions will be run across the week meaning you can sign up to one, or all the sessions available. You can also sign up a class for a session as a teacher or you can choose to sign up as an individual student.

Mature student are welcome. We recognise you may not have a school or college email address if you are returning to education. That’s not a problem – we may just need to get in touch with you for more info.

Session timetable

Monday 23 November

10-11am - School Exclusions and County Line Gangs: The School to Prison Pipeline
2-3pm - Domestic Abuse: The ‘Dark Heart’ of Intimate & Family Relationships

Tuesday 24 November

10-11am - Student Life with Kieran Hawkins

Wednesday 25 November

10-11am - Prison Works

Thursday 26 November

10-11am - Studying Criminology & Policing at ARU
2-3pm - Student Life with Ellie Nicholson

If you have one, please ensure you use a school or college email address when registering via Eventbrite.

Join our live Microsoft Teams sessions