The Back to School Project

Anglia Ruskin paramedic student at the back to school project.

The Back to School project here at Anglia Ruskin allows students to return to their previous school or college to deliver a talk on student life at ARU. These talks also go into detail about progression from their previous school or college, to studying their subject at ARU and life as a student. 

The aim of the Back to School project is to inspire students to consider university by being a relatable presence and to deliver positive story at their old school. 

Project Highlights

  • Since the Back to School Project began in May 2018, it has reached over 1,400 students.
  • The project now has 36 active ambassadors with growing interest and awareness in the student community of what the project does. Ambassadors are keen to revisit their old school as many of them are still in regular contact with their teachers and tutors. 
  • We have also encouraged our B2S ambassadors to get involved in careers conventions, ‘meet the professional days’ and our schools and college visits on campus.

Teacher Testimonials 

"Anna was brilliant and a credit to the university providing a excellent insight into student life and the different nursing pathways"

"The presentation was excellent and the students enjoyed it and gained valuable information from the talk, he also had quite a big audience from staff as Andrew was always very popular"

"Joe delivered many sessions and it was great for students to hear about life as a Student Paramedic"

"The Back to School Ambassadors were brilliant. Jack and Max held the room brilliantly and the students were really engaged. They were a credit to the university"

"It was lovely to see Emily again and she did really well – a personal, unassuming speaker who related really well to the students"

"Amy's presentation was well received and students found it helpful to talk to a someone who has made the transition they are about to. She was an excellent ambassador and is very willing to come back later in the year to speak to the first year students" 


  • Students at the school/college will feel inspired to progress onto university or consider their future options
  • The project provides a relatable individual to look up to
  • Keeps a connection with the student ambassador and the school

If you would like to enquire about your school or college benefiting from one of our students coming back for a session, then please email