About PIER


PIER is situated in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences but with a university-wide remit to work with police practitioners to support policing improvement in the Eastern Region (and beyond) through the co-production and delivery of research, continuing professional development and knowledge exchange activities.

To do this, PIER can draw upon the collective expertise from across the university in areas such as leadership and organisational development, health and social care, technology, crime and public protection.

We want to be renowned for delivering and supporting high quality, innovative and forward thinking policing research and professional development that contributes to more effective police practice. We will be recognised for our trans-disciplinary, cross-sector, practitioner-academic model of working, successfully bringing together the skills and experience of all for the purposes of policing improvement. We will also be recognised by the College of Policing for the high quality of our professional development provision.

Strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are:

  • To work collaboratively with police and other agencies to co-produce rigorous and relevant research into policing and crime.
  • To bring together expertise from across the University to conduct trans- disciplinary research into policing and crime.
  • To provide opportunities for academics and police practitioners to exchange knowledge and maximize the impact of research on policy and practice.
  • To provide high quality education and continuing professional development opportunities for police practitioners in the region.