Students bring our conversations to life

Published: 22 July 2016 at 14:06

Animated female character sitting in a tea cup

Anglia Ruskin animators produce short films for Radio 4’s The Listening Project

Interviews from BBC Radio 4’s The Listening Project series have been brought to life by students from Anglia Ruskin University’s Cambridge School of Art.

The short animations, which appear on the BBC Radio 4 website, have been produced by students Lydia Hodge, Imogen Allen, Carolanne Bernard, Gabija Sadauskaite, and Hannah Stolp-Joseph.

The Listening Project, presented by Fi Glover, has been running since
© by Imogen Allen 2012 and captures quirky, amusing and sometimes very moving conversations between friends and relatives to create a picture of life in
Britain today. The clips are being archived for future generations by the British Library.

Dr Nanette Hoogslag, Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation degree at Anglia Ruskin University, said:

"The second year students engaged in a live brief in collaboration with the BBC.

"With their visual storytelling skills, the students needed to make animations that on the one hand respected and supported what was said, but they also needed to use their imagination and animation skills to make something that added another dimension, something that was exciting and engaging to watch. This might sound simple, but it is a real challenge.

"I’m delighted that the animations made by Lydia Hodge, Imogen Allen, Carolanne Bernard, Gabija Sadauskaite, and Hannah Stolp-Joseph were all recognised for their quality. The five animations are all very different and really highlight the students' individuality and talent."

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