Navy medics can now study for degrees at sea

Published: 23 February 2016 at 11:23

Royal Navy

Anglia Ruskin University now has links with all three branches of armed forces

Anglia Ruskin University will play a part in making sure medical operations on submarines and warships are shipshape, thanks to a unique partnership with the Institute of Naval Medicine.

Anglia Ruskin now provides advanced entry to its suite of Leadership and Management degrees to Navy Medical Assistants, helping them to develop into leaders in the Royal Navy’s fleet.

There are currently around 1,500 Medical Assistants serving within the Royal Navy.  They are deployed in submarines, warships and with the Royal Marines, providing primary and emergency care.  They also train Navy personnel in first aid, and may be involved in administering medicine on shore.

The courses offered by Anglia Ruskin University’s Degrees at Work scheme allow Navy Medical Assistants to study while working.  Anglia Ruskin already provides courses for the RAF and for the Army.

Suparna Ghose, Principal Consultant – Strategy and Partnerships at Degrees at Work, said:

“We are proud to have cemented this link with the Institute of Naval Medicine, which means Anglia Ruskin is now helping improve career prospects of serving personnel within the Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

“Navy Medical Assistants provide vital care and assistance to crew members in difficult conditions at sea.  It is crucial that they are equipped with the leadership and skills to work successfully in this challenging environment. 

“The degree courses now open to them allow them to obtain those skills without needing to take time out from their careers.”

Surg Capt Mike Howell, Royal Navy Medical Officer in Charge at the Institute of Naval Medicine, said:

“Anglia Ruskin University is a well-established higher education provider with experience of working with the military. 

“It understands the Royal Naval Medical Branch career profile and has developed a degree programme that recognises the training and experience of our people.”