Low vision expert awarded national honour

Published: 1 December 2017 at 06:00

Dr Keziah Latham

Dr Latham of Anglia Ruskin receives College of Optometrists’ Neil Charman Medal

Dr Keziah Latham has been presented with the prestigious Neil Charman Medal by the College of Optometrists for her work in the area of low vision.

The College of Optometrists’ annual awards recognise achievement and celebrate outstanding contributions to research in the fields of optometry, optics and vision science.

Dr Latham is a Reader in the Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, where she specialises in the visual assessment of people with impaired vision and also has a clinical interest in glaucoma.

She was awarded the Neil Charman Medal for her research into low vision, its assessment and its effects. In particular, Dr Latham has looked at the impact on driving and on emotional health, which is an important factor to be considered for those experiencing a deterioration of their sight.

Mike Bowen, Director of Research at the College of Optometrists, said:

“The Panel felt that Kez’s work is important and worthy of recognition, and were pleased to be able to draw attention to the impact of sight quality on emotional health.”

Dr Latham said:

“I am extremely proud to receive this award from my peers and colleagues. I am very grateful to the College for their recognition, and hope that my research is, and continues to be, useful to people with vision loss.”