Historians will discuss Labour’s big breakthrough

Published: 7 July 2016 at 12:46

Labour Party banner

Latest Labour History Research Unit event will focus on war and the welfare state

The Labour History Research Unit at Anglia Ruskin University will examine “The Labour Party 1939-1951: War and Building the Welfare State” on the Cambridge campus on Thursday, 14 July (7pm).

The free event is part of the Labour History Research Unit’s “Labour’s Shifting Sands” series, which will continue until November, covering the period from 1951 until the present day.

This month’s event, “The Labour Party 1939-1951: War and Building the Welfare State”, will feature a discussion led by Dr Lucy Delap and Professor Mary Joannou covering Labour’s great breakthrough in 1945 and the achievements of the Attlee government.

Dr Delap, of the University of Cambridge, and Professor Joannou, of Anglia Ruskin University, will explore some of the issues faced by previous Labour leaderships and examine the ways they were resolved. 

Professor Rohan McWilliam, Director of the Labour History Research Unit, said: 

“The aim of the ‘Labour’s Shifting Sands’ events is to explore Labour’s history as a way of making sense of the party and its politics today.  

“Given the current troubles in the Labour Party, it is worth remembering that Labour has frequently been divided in its history and has yet gone on to introduce transformative policies.  

“We need to think about Labour’s history critically and develop new interpretations, which is the mission of the Labour History Research Unit.”

The free public event on Thursday, 14 July will take place in room 109 in the Lord Ashcroft Building (LAB) at Anglia Ruskin’s East Road campus in Cambridge.  For further information, please contact Professor Rohan McWilliam rohan.mcwilliam@anglia.ac.uk