Forum discusses an innovative future for Essex

Published: 9 December 2016 at 10:00

A man looking through 3D goggles

Anglia Ruskin hosts event on challenges and opportunities of ageing population

The first in a series of discussions on how to address some of the challenges facing an ageing population within Essex has taken place at Anglia Ruskin University’s Chelmsford campus.

Led by the Essex Partnership Board in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin and Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society, this week’s event welcomed public service commissioners, academics, businesspeople, experts and partners to discuss innovative new ideas around Essex’s ageing population.

Academics from Anglia Ruskin University gave presentations on a number of subjects including how to use technology to ease pressure on health services, promote independence by building smarter cities and using data to deliver personalised services.

The Essex Future Summit is using cutting-edge technology from Chelmsford Engineering Society’s My Smarter Essex programme to explore, provoke and inspire different ways to think about what the county’s ageing population means for work, care, and society, and what people can do about it.

According to Essex County Council, the number of over-85s living in Essex is expected to reach more than 58,200 by 2028 – more than double the 26,800 that lived in the county in 2005.

Fiona Bodle, Anglia Ruskin University’s Assistant Director for Research and Innovation, said: 

“The ageing population in Essex and across the UK as a whole has big implications for our health and care services. Out of every challenge come opportunities, and a chance for the county’s brightest minds to innovate and shape the future.

“It is clear that new, innovative approaches will be needed to help deal with this urgent issue and promote smart use of resources. 

“Anglia Ruskin has been actively involved in research that uses multi-disciplinary approaches, public engagement and technology to help develop solutions to address challenges brought about by the ageing population in the UK.

“It is vital that business, universities and care providers work together to come up with efficient solutions for the future.”