EU Referendum: Should the UK leave or remain?

Published: 19 April 2016 at 09:39

UK and EU flags fading together in the middle

Anglia Ruskin’s Labour History Research Unit to host debate on ‘momentous vote’

Anglia Ruskin University’s Labour History Research Unit is hosting a debate on the EU Referendum in Cambridge on Wednesday, 27 April (5-7pm).

“The EU Referendum: Should the UK Leave or Remain?” will see Dr Jack Fawbert, Lecturer in Sociology at Anglia Ruskin, argue in favour of the leave campaign. Dr Fawbert is a leading authority on crime and youth culture in modern Britain.

David Grace, former Vice Chair of the independent, pro-European organisation European Movement, will speak in favour of remaining in the EU.  Grace stood as the Liberal Democrats candidate in Clacton at the 2015 General Election.

The event will be chaired by Rohan McWilliam, Professor of Modern British History at Anglia Ruskin, and contributions will be taken from the floor.

Professor McWilliam said:

“The EU Referendum in June promises to be one of the most momentous votes of our lifetimes. Whichever way the country votes, the UK will be living with the consequences for decades.

“It is important that citizens are informed about all the issues. For that reason a debate is being held at Anglia Ruskin University so that both sides of the argument can be presented and debated.”

The EU Referendum debate is the latest in a series of events, called The New Political Landscape, organised by Anglia Ruskin’s Labour History Research Unit.

The purpose of the events is to create a space where the great issues of our time can be explored and debated.  Previous speakers include Jon Cruddas MP, economist Richard Murphy, journalist Peter Wilby and political scientist Professor Tim Bale.

The event on 27 April is open to the public and will take place on Anglia Ruskin’s Cambridge campus. For further information, email Rohan McWilliam