Cutting-edge visual research to go on display

Published: 26 June 2018 at 19:54

The Visits - Livia Daza-Paris

Theorem 2018 conference and exhibition to take place at Anglia Ruskin University

Topics as varied as the politics of resistance, forensic poetry, accelerated time and free time, and the lexicon of the internet will be covered at Theorem 2018, a PhD conference and exhibition dedicated to the visual arts and practice-based research.

Theorem 2018, which is organised and hosted by the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University, will feature a free conference on Thursday, 5 July, followed by a free public exhibition in the Ruskin Gallery until Friday, 20 July.

This year’s conference will feature presentations from Goldsmiths, Leeds, Plymouth, Nottingham Trent, Birmingham City, and Derby universities, as well as from doctoral researchers at Anglia Ruskin. 

The keynote speaker will be experimental filmmaker Nina Danino, Reader in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University London.  Nina will present the role of practice and theory in her films Jennifer (2015) and Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara (2016).

In additions to the presentations, the artworks will include a performative reading group, a number of film, video and sound installations, a typographic installation related to the ‘hybrid novel’, and audience participatory installations, including an art shipping crate as a cultural object.

Organiser and Anglia Ruskin Doctoral Researcher Jane Boyer said: “We believe Theorem is the first expanded-format PhD conference in the UK to include an exhibition of practice-based research in conjunction with a one-day symposium, and we’re very excited about the range of universities taking part this year.”

The conference and exhibition opening will also coincide with the launch of Ruskin Arts Publications, a new publishing imprint at the Cambridge School of Art. Two of the first projects to be printed by Ruskin Arts Publications are Theorem 2017, a collection of essays written by research participants from last year’s conference, and The Ruskin Songbook, a collection of original compositions to commemorate Anglia Ruskin’s 25th anniversary.

For more information about Theorem 2018, contact Jane Boyer  To reserve a free conference place, visit