Anglia Ruskin apprentices go the extra mile

Published: 14 March 2016 at 09:00

Corridor at Rainbows Hospice

Barclays plc students are raising money for Rainbows Hospice in Leicestershire

A group of Anglia Ruskin University apprentices are aiming to raise £15,000 for the Rainbows Hospice in Leicestershire.

The 22 students, who were amongst the first in the UK to embark on the new Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme, have been set the challenge as part of their first year course at Anglia Ruskin University.  

And the students, all employed by Barclays plc in their retail banking division, are stepping up their efforts during National Apprenticeship Week (14-18 March), with the aim of reaching their £15,000 target by May.

Chris Hallett, one of the student apprentices, said:

“The whole group has visited Rainbows Hospice, and seeing how the money we raise can change the lives of the children, young people and families has inspired us more than we ever thought. 

“Our aim is to not only smash the £15,000 target and set a high benchmark for future cohorts, but also ensure we leave a legacy so this work continues in future years.”

Andrew Ball of Rainbows Hospice, said:

“At Rainbows, we completely rely on donations and without the support of groups like the apprentices at Anglia Ruskin University, we wouldn’t be able to provide care and support to so many children, young people and their families.

“For the apprentices, it’s a great opportunity to understand more about how charities like Rainbows work, and it seems like they’re having a lot of fun with their fundraising in the process.” 

Vanessa Knowles, the Course Leader of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme at Anglia Ruskin University, said: 

“The apprenticeship programme not only helps with the students’ own career and personal development.  Through the project activities, the students help to improve the lives of others as well.”