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What is ARU crowdfunding?

ARU crowdfunding is a place for students, staff, friends and alumni to create, explore, promote and fund good causes.

Whether it’s kick-starting a student’s dreams of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, helping to support a University society in producing an event or contributing to a local or global game-changing initiative, ARU crowdfunding has a project for everyone.

Set up by members of our community, our projects have a positive impact on society and enrich our University community. They're also strongly in line with our values as an institution.

Create an ARU crowdfunding campaign

It’s collaborative

Crowdfunding is the sponsorship of a project (typically online) by a group of people, who each make a small donation to contribute to the project’s success, or launch.

Students, ARU staff or alumni each pitch an idea and if you like what you see, you can back the project with a financial pledge.

If the project meets its target and goes ahead, you’ll receive regular updates from the project team. It also gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the team along the journey, to share additional messages of support or request information.

In return for your donation, you will be offered a gift or ‘reward’. These are non-monetary displays of gratitude from the project holder given in exchange for your support.

Find a project to support

It’s fast

Our crowdfunding projects are only live for six weeks. This means our project owners have a quick turnaround, so can get started making good things happen, sooner. It also means that we can feature even more projects, so please do keep your eye on our site if you have a particular area of interest.

Every project must meet its minimum target by the completion date or no funds change hands. Part of the ethos of crowdfunding is that you get to engage with projects, follow their success and really get to see the value of where your money is going.

It’s matched

For projects lead by current students, we've pledged to match 25% of the target total (criteria apply), thanks to the generosity of our friends and alumni.

Want to start a crowdfunding project?

Visit our ARU crowdfunding website to get started.

Our crowdfunding site is managed by ARU's Development Office, who can answer any questions you may have before you get started or along your crowdfunding journey. Please email us on

Projects can be about anything, but they should focus on the benefit that they will provide to our University community – and demonstrate a commitment to upholding ARU's values.

We'll assess all projects on their goals, their creative or innovative merits, and the level of organisation and commitment that you and your team demonstrate.

You'll find full details, including terms and conditions, on our crowdfunding site.