Invest in the future of ARU

Please join us in supporting Anglia Ruskin's advancement of knowledge and contribution to society.

Our education, research and engagement activities are focused on making a real difference to individuals and communities both locally and around the world. We want to grow and enhance this impact, something we simply cannot do alone. So much of Anglia Ruskin’s current success is built on philanthropic giving; support that enables us to do the things other funding is not able to support.

With our donors’ commitment to Anglia Ruskin, we’re transforming our campuses into state-of-the-art learning environments; our Music Therapy department at Cambridge is producing world-leading research and vital assistance for people with ill-health and disabilities, and our Postgraduate Medical Institute is attracting the world's top surgeons. It’s the magnificent generosity of all our friends and supporters that has made all this possible, and our warmest thanks go to them all.

The future holds really exciting possibilities for Anglia Ruskin. We want to make the very most of them – to design and deliver education in ever more effective ways; to build on our research expertise and excellence; and to engage with existing and new partners, all within a rapidly evolving global and political context. To do this, we must be increasingly innovative, entrepreneurial, and ready to experiment with new approaches; all of which will require support.

Our alumni and many other friends and stakeholders are really important in turning this ambition into reality. I ask you all to consider making a donation to invest in the future of Anglia Ruskin, our students, and everyone across the world who benefits from the positive impact of our work.

Thank you

Professor Iain Martin
Vice Chancellor (2016)


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