Daily life

Student in university accommodation using a laptop

We know that meeting people and making new friends is an important part of university life – and that's it's important to be able to relax, and enjoy some down-time away from your studies. We'll continue to support this.


Should you need to self-isolate, you'll still be able to access a brilliant programme of digital events offered by our Students' Union and student societies. This includes games nights and online quizzes, student society events, skills workshops, weekly 'good mood cafes', and more...

The events list is being updated all the time, so check the ARU Students' Union website for the latest details.

You can also safely join our range of online wellbeing workshops and professional development events offered by our Employability Service.


If you live in University-owned accommodation, wi-fi is included in your rent. All our students can access films, TV and radio shows through BoB (Box of Broadcasts): visit the ARU library website for details.

Staying in touch

If you need to self-isolate, there are a number of ways you can stay in touch with others. These include a dedicated Facebook group, buddy calls and virtual meet-ups. There's more information on our health and wellbeing page.

Faith and worship

Our Chaplaincy is here to support your learning experience, including any spiritual and personal issues you might want to discuss in confidence. It's available to all students irrespective of faith or commitment. Contact our Chaplaincy staff.

We know that COVID-19 has affected everyone in different ways, so if you have any worries or concerns, our Counselling and Wellbeing Service is here to help.