Dads get sad too: A psychologist talks about postnatal depression

14 March 2019, 19:30 - 21:00
Chelmsford campus

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Presented by Prof Viren Swami

While it has long been recognised that postnatal depression affects some new mothers, there is much less societal and academic understanding of postnatal depression in new fathers. However, with approximately 10% of new fathers meeting criteria for paternal postnatal depression, there is an urgent need to understand why some new fathers become depressed.


In this talk, Prof Swami draws on his own experiences of becoming a father and being diagnosed with postnatal depression to better understand why some dads get sad. He looks at the biological and psychosocial factors that contribute to postnatal depression in men and discusses what can be done to meet the healthcare needs of new fathers.


Prof Swami is Professor of Social Psychology and Director of the Centre for Psychological Research at Perdana University. His research is focused on body image and human appearance and, separately, the psychology of conspiracy theories. He is the author of over two hundred academic papers and three books, including Attraction Explained and The Psychology of Physical Attraction.

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14 March 2019, 19:30 - 21:00
Chelmsford campus
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