Successes of women in football, powerlifting and engineering

10 March 2021, 19:00 - 20:00

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Join us as we speak to three women about their experience of working in or being involved with activities which are historically more male dominated. Hosted by Dr Anna Stodter, ARU.
Natasha Orchard-Smith
Coaching for Performance in Football 2016, ARU
Natasha was the first female coach in the UK to work in semi-professional men’s football. She has since set up her own company, 4 Corner Coaching, where the aim is to provide football for children, specifically focusing on individual player development across Bedfordshire, Cambridge and Hertfordshire. 
Rosaliyo Samuel
Mechanical Engineering 2017, ARU
When she was younger, she felt the need to justify her interest in engineering. Ever since she was in school back in India, she’s always loved playing with mechanical equipment and would disassemble and reassemble things as a hobby. She knew engineering was the career for her, but she was all to aware of the misconception that engineering is a career path for men, so she felt she had to explain herself and her ambitions.
Aneela Rose
Business Studies 1995, ARU
In 2018 Aneela represented Team GB in the AWPC World Powerlifting Championships and won first place in her class to become a 2018 World Powerlifting Champion, and in 2019 became a British record holder in the Deadlift and Squat. Aneela is the Founder and PR Director of Rose Media Group, a specialist technical PR agency working mainly within the manufacturing and engineering sectors.
Event presented to celebrate International Women's Day.

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10 March 2021, 19:00 - 20:00
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