Music and the brain

A boy wearing earphones

Music is one of the most interesting topics in neuroscience as it involves cognition processes, emotion, memory, and the individual history of the development of the brain.

At the same time, brain imaging methods are becoming more sophisticated and offer new insights into formerly hidden cerebral processes related to human functioning and pathologies.

Neuroscientific research inquiry

Music therapists are attracted to brain research as some principles applied in therapy, such as the social aspects of music making, seem to be confirmed through objective biomedical evidence.

However, there are current limitations to the tools and paradigms of neuroscientific heuristics and their potential to visualise effects of music therapy. For example, current data capture required in a laboratory can impair the authenticity of the music therapy situation.

At CIMTR, we seek to investigate the applied potential of music therapy in the field of neuroscientific research. Using this knowledge to advance how we evaluate, assess and compare treatment effectiveness, to improve our clinical understanding and utility of music therapy.

Recent research and publications

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