What is Myprogress?

Myprogress is a web-based tool for assessing students in clinical practice. Students can either complete assessments on a computer or a tablet device.

No wifi, no problem. There is no need for internet access in the clinical area

What are the benefits of using Myprogress?

  • Increased communication and engagement between personal tutors in the University and students/mentors in practice.
  • Student and mentor acquisition of digital literacy skills.
  • Wifi or internet access is not required in clinical area. The device is synced when the student returns home or attends the campus.
  • Mentors have access to their own portal and student assessment. This provides evidence for their triennial review and NMC re-registration.
  • Improved academic practice by precluding the falsification of documentation through email-verified sign-off of assessments.
  • Improved record keeping; reports can be extracted from the system providing a range of quality assurance data.
  • Attendance sheets can be approved on the device and accessed remotely by the higher education institution, and digitally checked.
  • Development of a CPD portfolio.
  • A bank of assessment tools / instruments can be developed to prevent repetition for academics and increase in sharing opportunities.
  • Tutors can forward 'useful information' to the students in practice via the app.